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Download the letter for Anchors and Juniors here and the letter for Company Section here. These contain information on District, Battalion, Company DofE and Band Events for April - July 2018.


The total amount raised at the Battalion bag pack in Cheltenham on 24/09/2016 was £838.55. The Captain would like to thank all those who helped out.


Simon Noble has now taken over the post of Company Captain, effective
1st September 2015. Simon was an Anchor Boy with the Company 
and served for 13 years before going off to University, at Plymouth, with an Army Scholarship under his belt. He remained as a Reserve Officer with the BB and on graduating obtained a post at QinetiQ. Whilst at University he was a member of the Officer Training Unit and received valuable training in both organisation and administration. Simon's parents and maternal grandparents all have a strong and lengthy BB background.

If you are interested in joining us, then send us an email 



The Company would still like your help!

We are looking for parents who are able to help out on a Friday evening.
This would not need to be a weekly commitment - we can work around your availability!

Please feel free to contact the Captain for a chat.


 Web Shopping Support

Web shoppers can support our 1st Malvern Boys'Brigade Company.  You can do this by following the link