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1st Malvern  - A Brief History

The 1st Malvern Company was re-formed in 1988 after an absence of 49 years. There were at least three Boys' Life Brigade Companies in Malvern prior to 1926 when the BLB united with the Boys' Brigade. Prior to the outbreak of World War II there were 4 BB Companies in Malvern. So far as is known there were Companies at Lady Huntingdon's Church on Worcester Road, Malvern Baptist Church on Abbey Road, The Gospel Hall on Newtown Road (now a pet/garden shop), and at Somers Park Avenue Methodist Church.

The present 1st Malvern Company is based at Malvern Baptist Church and so takes its name from the Company originally based there. That original Company was formed in 1923 as a BLB Company, joining with the BB in 1926. So that makes the present 1st Malvern 92 years in 2015 the 28th Anniversary of its resumption. When the Company re-formed, four known survivors of the former Company were located, Mr. Ernest Lewis*, Mr. Bellamy*, Mr. Clifford Smith* and Mr. Hubert Squibb. The wife of the original Skipper, Mr. Alec Lewis (elder brother of Ernest), was also alive but unwell. Their son and his family still live in Welland. Those marked [*] may be seen on a photograph donated to the Company by Ernest Lewis. It was taken about 1924 whilst still a BLB Company.

The original members have all since died. It was good to meet them and be encouraged by them. Their reminiscences may be heard on MP3 recordings which can be listened to on the links below.  Mr. Ernest Lewis and his wife Betty donated the colours to the Company in memory of Alec Lewis and this fact is inscribed on the barrel of the colours' staff.  It is believed that the original colours were given to the now defunct 2nd Worcester Company.  The original staff remains at MBC.  The donor is described on the barrel.

In the late 1990's the Company adopted an old gentleman of 96 who was in the Brigade in 1908 and who remembers Sir William Smith coming to his Company and addressing them He didn't recall what he said but he remembers the moustache. Listen to him below (these two files take a few seconds to load):

Jack Jones 1990 (1)

Jack Jones 1990 (2)

When the Company first started there were several of the original members of the Company still active in the Church - Clifford Smith & Hubert Squibb. Their reminiscences may be heard at the links below (these two files take a minute or so to load):

Old Boys 1

Old Boys 2