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Sir William Alexander introduced ranks in to the BB from its onset in 1883. He was a Lt Colonel in the Lanarkshire Militia. There is a modern tendency to use the term Youth Leader, however Malvern has elected to retain the rank structure as it denotes level of responsibility, which is determined by individual committment.  A senior Lieutenant can be elected as The Captain which is a title and not a rank.


AB - Anchor Boy           BB - Boys'  Brigade     DofE - Duke of Edinburghs award scheme              MBC - Malvern Baptist Church    GB - Girls' Brigade

Simon Noble (26) - Our current Captain since 1 September 2015 - he is a Gold Dof E Award holder & started as an AB with the Company. Now working at QinetiQ in Malvern, he is training to be an Expedition Officer with the Company. Whilst at Plymouth University he spent 4 years with the UOTC.Attends St Andrews CofE Church

Chaplain - Rev Dave Clarke came to MBC from Strood in October 2016. He is the BB Company Chaplain and a camping Officer.

Junior & Anchor Boys Section

Angela Noble - Lieutenant. - She works at QinetiQ as a Project Manager and has a BB background, her parents having been active in the BB for many years. She manages  the Juniors Section. She has had 2 sons in the Company, both Gold DofE Holders. Attends St Mary's Church.

Andy Noble - husband to Angela, he is a helper in the Junior Section. Attends St Mary's Church.

Company Section

Paul Hern (72) - Lieutenant. - An ex RAF officer (Navigator), he was the Malvern Company Founder Captain for  20 years from the Company's inception in 1988 until 2008 and has been a BB officer for 36 years.  A member of MBC, he was an Environmental Health Officer and now retired acts as secretary and general factotum to the Company.  He helps with Company Section, is a qualified DofE Assessor and cyclist, and has had 3 sons pass through the BB all of whom are Gold DofE holders (3 are on Reserve).  He is Secretary to the 7th Malvern GB (was its Captain from 2009 until 2012) & is ex-National Coordinator for the national Bugles & Drums of the Stedfast Association - BADOTSA where he is now currently its Adjutant.  

Ian Outram (75) - Warrant Officer - Retired scientist. He is a very experienced expedition trainer and DofE Assessor for Company Section. His son joined as an AB is now a Gold DofE holder.  His wife Sylviane is an officer with 7th Malvern GB.  Both members of the Priory Church. 

Gerry Davies (67) - Lieutenant - He is a member of MBC and has been involved in BB work for 17 years.  He was an Environmental Health Technician with an extensive Outdoor Education background.  He specialises in Company Section work, particularly expeditions.  He is a qualified DofE Assessor, canoeist, walker and cyclist, and was a past Captain for 2 years from 2009 until 2011.  Attends Malvern Baptist Church.

Alex Easterby (25) - Warrant Officer - A Gold DofE Award holder, he is presently  helping to run the band and assists with AB's etc.  He is A/Band Master for BADOTSA.  He is a trained Chef  working locally at present.

Chris Noble (24) - Lieutenant - A Gold DofE Award Holder, Chris is currently a active officer with the Company having joined as an Anchor Boy at age 6 years. He acts as our Bandmaster and is the leading drumming instructor.  He is also a drum instructor with BADOTSA, and works in Tewkesbury. Attends St Andrews Church.

Simon Macdonald (21) - Warrant Officer - Joined the Company as Warrant Officer in 2013 and achieved his Gold DofE Award before he joined the Armed Forces in October 2014. Injured during training, he was discharged on medical grounds pending re-recruitment at some future date. He has re-joined the company and is currently a member of the band and is training as an Expedition Officer and Attends MBC 

Laurence Wilson is a helper with the Company and is currently training to help out with Expedition work. He has a daughter in the GB. He was himself a member of the BB in Kirkwall for a few years.

Treasurer Sue Kinsey - had a son in the Company & a daughter with the GB.  Acts as treasurer for BB.  She works at a school in Martley as a bursar.

Reserve officers

Nick Burley (29) – Reserve Lieutenant - Joined BB as an AB and is a Gold DofE holder; currently a part time company Expedition & Camping supervisor.  He lives in London. Nick is also our main officer in charge of the annual Camp. Attends Trinity Church when at home.

Jack Young (27) - Reserve Warrant Officer - Joined BB when he was 12 years old and now is an officer on the reserve. He helps with Company expedition work, is a member of the Band and plays for BADOTSA as well. Attends Madresfield Church

Tom Hern (27) – Reserve Lieutenant. - joined as an AB at 6 yrs of age. Gold DofE holder, he is a qualified outdoor activities instructor.  He is a member of Malvern Baptist Church and helps with the Company work. He is a member of the reserve armed forces.

Luke Walters (24) (Environmental Specialist); Paul Goodman (20) (Post grad) work for the Company as Warrant Officers in all sections. They are also BADOTSA Members. Luke was Bugle Instructor for the Company band.

Rob Lawrence (72) - Reserve Lieutenant A retired school teacher he has worked extensively in the Junior Section since the Company & started with two sons as members. One, a Gold DofE holder, is now working in the USA, and another lives locally.  Acts as Road Closure manager & Attends Malvern Baptist Church.

Les Anderson (51) - Reserve Lieutenant - A Civil Servant he has worked in BB for 40 years.  Involved since the Company's inception in Malvern, he helps out from time to time mainly with Company work. Attends All Saints at the Wyche in Malvern Wells.

Jacky Easterby - Warrant Officer - is an AB leader; a retired nurse lives locally and has a  son Alex in the Company. 

And a whole host of other parents, helpers and officers who occasionally give of their time to help your son. 

In Memoriam

Sheila Burrows 

Warrant Officer with the Company from September 1989 until May 1995 

(Junior Section)

John Easterby

Lieutenant with the Company from September 2000 until January 2017 

(Company Section). 

Captain from September 2013 until June 2016.

Timothy Greenwood 

Lance Corporal with the Company from 1988 until 2002

(Company Section)